What We Offer / Pre Wedding

Pre-wedding rituals & customs are but a peek into the unforgettable times that await you. While it has its share of fun and celebration, it is also filled with high energy activities like location scouting, designing of theme wedding invites, trousseau shopping, bachelor / bachelorette parties and grooming for the big day. All of which will be a breeze when you have entrusted your wedding to the House of VarVadhu.

  • Invitation

    Your invite. Your way.

    The Wedding invite is a symbol of your heartfelt emotions. Reason why it can't be just like anyone else's. At the House of VarVadhu, we ensure that your invite reflects your and your partner's feelings & respective personalities. We conceptualise, design and deliver it in the most innovative style. After all, the precursor to your big day better be impressive.
  • Concierge Services

    So, where's your love story set?

    Stunning locales make for the most awe-inspiring weddings. Your team @ VarVadhu brings them to you via photographs, video clips and presentations in real time. Or even gets you to them via a customized recce. All you need to do is spot the one that sets your pulse racing. And lo behold! The perfect backdrop for your ceremony.
  • Health & Beauty

    Lights, Camera, Perfection!

    Chiseled physique. Glowing Skin. A million dollar smile. This is the day when you want to look your most perfect self. From fitness regimes, Diet Plans to Grooming & etiquette classes, the House of VarVadhu can arrange a holistic health and beauty experience or you. Something that will do you proud when you flip through the photographs years later.
  • Shopping

    Take your best pick.

    From the latest Wedding style trends to a look that goes with your Wedding theme, the House of VarVadhu will ensure that the most happening designers and stylists in town make it happen for you. After all, it's the most special shopping adventure a bride or a bridegroom will ever take.
  • Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

    You have a million reasons to smile during your wedding journey. And we don’t want you to miss a single moment of sheer happiness while you transform from being ‘me’ to being ‘us’. Our team @ Var Vadhu is on the toes to capture your candid moments while you are creating memories. After all, it’s a story worth sharing!


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Raipur 1 :Goel & Rungta Wedding

Date:15th and 18th January